Often times, when someone comes against the False Teachers, Charlatans and Heretics of their day, they are viciously attacked by the blind followers of such people. These blind followers usually don't pay much attention (if any) to the facts and Biblical objections offered, they just attack the messenger bringing the facts and Biblical objections. In philosophy, this is called an "ad hominen attack". It isn't a logical way to "win an argument" or to "prove your position". Attacking the messenger doesn't prove that his message is wrong. Our message to you is that the people listed on this website are false teachers. We aren't interested in helping you put together an "ad hominen attack" against us, so we won't be disclosing our identities. Who we are, what our background is and what our theological preferences are mean very little in this situation. What matters is whether or not the information presented on this website is true. If it is true, then you have a choice to make.

We plead with you to consider the information found on this website. We have taken lots of time and effort to put these resources together in one place and to put this website together. Please take the time to make use of it. There are so many people who are deceived by the false teachers on this website and we want to change that. If there is someone on this website that you have looked up to for some time, please just objectively consider the facts concerning that person. Your very soul may be at stake! The souls of others may be at stake too, if you are supporting these wolves in sheep's clothing. The more support you give them, the longer they go on in their "ministry" and the more people they will deceive. They must be put to a stop! That means that you need to open your eyes to the truth and stop supporting these charlatans!

Lastly, most of the resources found on this website were NOT originally created by us. We have simply taken the time to compile all of the articles, audios and videos and put them in one place. We hope that this website will be a blessing to people ALL AROUND THE WORLD who are deceived by these "clouds without water". So, we are indebted to those people who have taken their precious time to make the resources that are found on this website. We may not agree with every little thing said in each article, audio or video, but we definitely agree on one thing: THESE PEOPLE ARE FALSE TEACHERS. He who has ears to ear, may he HEAR, repent and walk in holiness before God!